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Southside Archives: 2007
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12/30/07 Paul:  I am not Oscar the GrouchRead Listen Listen Listen Isaiah 9:6
12/23/07Jesus went about doing GoodRead Listen ListenN/A Give! Give! Give!
12/09/07Jezebel:  Judgment Day is ComingRead Listen Listen Listen Where are Your're Footprints
12/02/07Elijah:  God will make a WayRead Listen N/A Listen Do Not Fret
11/25/07Nebuchadnezzar:  Pride goes before Destruction Read Listen ListenN/A Sermon Overflow
11/18/07Peter:  Keep your Eyes on the LordRead Listen ListenN/A Removing Prayer Blockers
11/11/07Ruth:  You've got to try a Little KindnessRead Listen Listen Listen On Joy and Rejoicing
11/04/07Gideon:  I'm never too small to be useful to GodRead Listen ListenN/A No Safe Place
10/28/07Deborah & Jael:  God empowers Women, TooRead Listen ListenN/A Only God
10/21/07Determination (Larry Bates)N/A Listen ListenN/A A Case for Slowing Down
10/14/07The older Brother:  God's Grace is Astonishing Read Listen ListenN/A

Guard Your Hearts

10/07/07Jehoshapat:  The Battle belongs to the LordRead N/A Listen N/A That's Hitting below the Belt
09/23/07Pharaoh:  You can't fight God and WinRead Listen ListenN/A The Highest Rock
09/16/07Joseph:  True Righteousness brings no RegretsRead N/A Listen N/A Warning!
09/09/07Abraham:  Nothing is too Precious for me to give to GodRead Listen Listen N/A The Truth about Submission
09/02/07Never relax your Moral StandardsRead Listen ListenN/A Hiding behind Masks
08/26/07How do we raise our Awesome KidsRead Listen N/AN/A Just call It Sin
08/19/07Forbidden Fruit is the Pits! Read Listen ListenN/A Lost and Found
08/12/07New Shepherds Read Listen ListenN/A How Deep is your Trust
08/05/07Living in Harmony Read Listen ListenN/A No Back Talk
07/29/07One Drink, One Bread, One Spirit, One BodyRead Listen ListenN/A Jars of Clay
07/15/07Real Christians are HonestRead Listen ListenN/A What in the World was I Thinking
07/08/07Real Christians are Clean TalkersRead Listen ListenN/A Strength for Leadership
07/01/07Real Christians are Knowledgeable Read Listen ListenN/A Control Burning