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Southside Archives: 2013
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12/29/13 Dumb Ways To Die -- Judas - Dying For A Kiss Read Listen Listen In The Dying Hours Of The Year Read
12/22/13 Dumb Ways To Die -- Haman - Long Drop, Short Rope Read Listen Listen Read Read
12/15/13 Dumb Ways To Die -- Pharaoh - Dying While Deep Sea Driving Read Listen Listen Smelly Barns Or Tidy Barns? Read Read
12/08/13 Dumb Ways To Die -- 42 Youths - Dying As Delinquents Read Listen Listen Born Of Slavert Read Read
12/01/13 Dumb Ways To Die -- Jezebel - Dying For Some Dog Food Read Listen Listen Before It's Everlastingly Too Late Read Read
11/24/13 Dumb Ways To Die -- Absalom - Dying For A Haircut Read Listen Christianity MEANS Something Read Read
11/17/13 Dumb Ways To Die -- Uzzah - Dying To Lend A Hand Read Listen Listen Songs of Thanksgiving Read
11/10/13 Dumb Ways To Die -- Eli - Dying Heels Over Head Read Listen Listen The Terrible Thing Demons Do Read Read
11/03/13 Dumb Ways To Die -- Sodom and Gomorrah - Blasted With Brimstone Read Listen Listen Is There Faith In Your Prayers? Read Read
10/27/13 Dumb Ways To Die - - Ananias and Sapphira - Dying For Lying Read Listen Listen From Bad To Worse Read Read
10/20/13 Dumb Ways To Die - - Nadab and Abihu - Flambeed For False Fire Read Listen The Sin-o-second Read
10/13/13 Dumb Ways To Die - Adam and Eve Dying for a Piece of Fruit Read Listen Listen Word Made Flesh Read
10/06/13 Personal Evangelism Read Listen Listen That's Not Your Ministry Read
09/29/13 Christian Moral Integrity, Pt. 2 Read Listen Listen The Book Without Boundaries Read
09/22/13 Christian Moral Integrity, Pt. 1 Read Listen Listen No Place Left For Pride Read Read
09/15/13 Personal Giftedness Read Listen Listen Five Amazing Blessings We Share Read Read
09/08/13 Giving Back To God - Proper Attitudes Read Listen Listen Springs of Salvation Read Read
09/01/13 The Musical Worship To God Read Listen Listen How To Go To Hell Read Read
08/25/13 Guest Speaker Listen Listen God Can Even When I Can't Read
08/18/13 Elements Of The Lord's Supper Read Listen Listen God's Finferprints Are Everywhere Read
08/11/13 The Meaning Of The Lord's Supper Read Listen Listen We're All We Have! Read
08/04/13 Acceptable Worship To God - Exploring Expressions of Worship Read Listen Listen Face Down Eatin' Grass Read
07/28/13 The Organizational Structure of The Lord's Church, Pt. 2 Read Listen Listen We Have To Have A King Read
07/21/13 The Organizational Structure of The Lord's Church, Pt. 1 Read Listen Listen Courage Based Upon Faith Read
07/14/13 The Foundation Of The Church - The Diety of Jesus The Christ Read Listen Listen What Does Whining Accomplish? Read Read
07/07/13 The Non-denominated Church - Striving For Biblical Unity Read Listen Listen By Your Standard Of Measure Read Read
06/30/13 What Is The Church of Christ? - The New Covenant Read Listen Listen What Color Is Your Hat? Read
06/23/13 What Is The Church of Christ? - Following New Testament Pattern Read Listen Listen Walking Around With Your Head In A Cloud Read Read
06/16/13 One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism Read Listen Listen Good Words or Bad Words Read
06/09/13 The Great Commission: Pt 4 - Teaching Them To Observe Read Listen Listen Listen Let Satan Oppose As The Church Grows Read
06/02/13 The Great Commission: Pt 3 - Baptizing Read Listen Listen Listen Don't Let Potholes Jar Your Faith Read Read
05/26/13 The Great Commission: Pt 2 - Make Disciples Read Listen Listen Listen When God Throws Something Away Read Read
05/19/13 The Great Commission: Pt 1 - GO! Read Listen Listen Listen Who Will Follow The Lord? Read
05/12/13 GUEST SPEAKER - Sunset International Bible Institute Read Listen Listen Listen Don't Fall For Propaganda Read Read
05/05/13 Myth Busters: A Loving God Wouldn't Do That! Read Listen Listen Listen The Best Reasons To Love Read Read
04/28/13 Clay in The Master's Hands Read Listen Listen Listen The Lord of Hosts Read
04/21/13 Longing For Heaven Read Listen Listen Listen Finding The Heart Of Faith Read
04/14/13 Two Great Evils Read Listen Listen Listen Super Glue Love Read Read
04/07/13 Seeking Natural Church Growth - Loving Relationships Read Listen Listen Listen Bear Your Cross After Jesus Read
03/31/13 Seeking Natural Church Growth - Needs Oriented Evangelism Read Listen Listen Listen Just Throw It Away! Read
03/24/13 Seeking Natural Church Growth - Inspiring Worship Services Read Listen Listen Listen That's Almost Bible Read Read
03/17/13 Seeking Natural Church Growth - Functional Structures Read Listen Listen Listen Tools At The Ready Read Read
03/10/13 Seeking Natural Church Growth - Passionate Spirituality Read Listen Listen Listen Do Whatever It Takes Read Read
03/03/13 Seeking Natural Church Growth - Gift Oriented Ministry Read Listen Listen Listen Transformation Underway Read Read
02/24/13 NO Recordings today due to computer failure Listen Getting A Grip on Gluttony, pt 3 Read Read
02/17/13 Seeking Natural Church Growth - An Empowering Leadership Read Listen Listen Listen Getting A Grip on Gluttony, pt 2 Read Read
02/10/13 Seeking Natural Church Growth - How Does the Lord's Body Grow? Read Listen Listen Listen Getting A Grip on Gluttony, pt 1 Read Read
02/03/13 Face Always Toward God - The Lord Is Our Focus Read Listen Listen Listen Who Really Gets The Credit? Read Read
01/27/13 Patience Needed - Learning to wait on God Read Listen Listen Listen Fatness and Marrow Read Read
01/20/13 The Christian Connection - Guest Speaker Read Listen Listen Listen Remaining Alert Read Read
01/13/13 The God of Our Finances Read Listen Listen Listen As A Slave To The Hand Of Our Master Read Read
01/06/13 A God-centered Life - Don't Leave God Out of Your Plans Read Listen Listen Listen Turn Your Drudgery To Joy Read Read