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Southside Archives: 2014
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12/28/14 At The End Of A Year Listen Listen Ministers For God Read
12/21/14 A River Of Blood - The Blood Of The Passover Read Listen Guest Speaker Merry Christmas Read
12/14/14 A River Of Blood - The Altar And The Blood Read Listen Listen The Season For Love Read Read
12/07/14 A River Of Blood -The Blood Of The Cross Read Listen Listen Deceiving And Being Deceived Read Read
11/30/14 A River Of Blood - The Holy Spirit And Blood Read Listen Listen A Lesson From A Mother Hen Read
11/23/14 A River Of Blood - The Victory Of The Blood Read Listen Guest Speaker A Good Dose Of Foolishness! Read Read
11/16/14 A River Of Blood - How The Blood Works Read Listen Listen Let God Carry Your Burdens Read Read
11/09/14 A River Of Blood - Drinking The Blood Read Listen Listen Prayer For Our Leaders Read Read
11/02/14 A River Of Blood - Entrance Through The Veil Read Listen Guest Speaker What The World Really Needs Read
10/26/14 A River Of Blood - Reconciled By The Blood Read Listen Guest Speaker So, You're Afraid of Ebola? Read Read
10/19/14 A River Of Blood - Redeemed By The Blood Read Listen Listen The Pupil Of His Eye Read Read
10/12/14 A River Of Blood - A New Covenant In Blood Read Listen Listen Jesus said, "Come To Me..." Read
10/05/14 A River Of Blood - History Steeped In Blood Read Listen Listen Don't Hold Back Read Read
09/28/14 Excel Still More! - Don't Get Tired Read Listen Listen Living Dogs Or Dead Lions? Read Read
09/27/14 Ladies Day 2014 - The Woman Behind The Mask T J Haygood
09/21/14 Excel Still More! - Strands Of Strength Read Listen Listen Some Questions To Ponder, Pt. 2 Read Read
09/14/14 Excel Still More! - The Man of Lawlessness Read Listen Guest Speaker Some Questions To Ponder Read Read
09/07/14 Excel Still More! - The Worthy Walk Read Listen Listen Why Are We Suprised At False Teachers? Read
08/31/14 Excel Still More! - Persecution, Suffering and Deliverance Read Listen Listen The Joyful Stable Hand Read Read
08/24/14 Excel Still More! - Faith, Love, and Suffering Read Listen Guest Speaker Pray More, Sin Less Read
08/17/14 Enough Read Guest Speaker Guest Speaker You Can't Get Something For Nothing Read
08/10/14 Excel Still More! - At The Coming Of Jesus Read Listen Listen For The Lord Is... Read Read
08/03/14 Excel Still More! - Living In Peace Read Listen Listen In Him Read Read
07/27/14 Excel Still More! - The Gift Of Edification Read Listen Guest Speaker The Stare Of Medusa Read Read
07/20/14 Excel Still More! - We Are Of The Day Read Listen Guest Speaker You're My Best Friend Read Read
07/13/14 Excel Still More! - Comfort One Another Read Listen Listen Membership Privileges Read Read
07/06/14 Excel Still More! - Expressions Of Love Read Listen Guest Speaker God Is For Us! Read Read
06/29/14 Excel Still More! - Called For Holiness Read Listen Guest Speaker Getting Used To Goodness Read Read
06/22/14 Excel Still More! - Prayer, Prayer, Prayer! Read Listen Guest Speaker Choosing The Highest Bidder Read Read
06/15/14 Excel Still More! - Faith For The Fight Read Listen Guest Speaker Givers, Takers, and Other Kinds Of Believers Read Read
06/08/14 Excel Still More! - Hope, Joy, Exultation Read Listen Guest Speaker Eight Things God Doesn't Want Read Read
06/01/14 Excel Still More! - The Mighty Word Read Listen Listen It'll make your head swim! Read Read
05/25/14 Excel Still More! - Worthy World, Worthy Walk Read Listen Listen Small Things In The Hands Of God Read Read
05/18/14 Excel Still More! - Pure Evangelism Read Listen Listen The Invitation Read Read
05/11/14 Excel Still More! - Life In The Lord Read Listen Listen Devoted To God's Word Read Read
05/04/14 Excel Still More! - Faith, Hope, and Love Read Listen Listen Powerless Read Read
04/27/14 Beyond A Reasonable Faith - - Our Covenant Making God Read Listen Listen In A World Of Doubt Read Read
04/20/14 Beyond A Reasonable Faith - - The Providence Of God Read Listen Listen According To Your Deeds Read
04/13/14 Beyond A Reasonable Faith - - Reasonable Account Of Creation Read Listen Listen Unalienable Rights Read Read
04/06/14 Beyond A Reasonable Faith - - The Will Of God In Creation Read Listen Listen Why Would We Despair? Read Read
03/30/14 Beyond A Reasonable Faith - - Origins Of The Universe: Creator Read Listen Listen Out Of The Darkness, Into The Light Read Read
03/23/14 Beyond A Reasonable Faith - - The Awesome Being Of God Read Listen Listen Ordained By Angels Read Read
03/16/14 Beyond A Reasonable Faith - - Can We Know God? Read Listen Listen While It's Still Called Today Read Read
03/09/14 Beyond A Reasonable Faith - - Understanding God's Revelation - The Holy Scriptures Read Listen Listen What Are You Getting From Your Bible? Read
03/02/14 Beyond A Reasonable Faith - - The Revelation Of God To Man - How Does God Make Himself Known Read Listen Listen Overcoming Depression Read
02/23/14 Everyone Can Do Mission Work - Finding Your Niche In God's Plan Read Listen Listen The Limitless Power Of God Read Read
02/16/14 Guest Speaker - Laying It All On The Line Read Listen Listen Read
02/09/14 Beyond A Reasonable Faith - - Knowing God Through Christ Read Listen Listen Better Than An Enemy's Kiss Read
02/02/14 Budget 2014 Listen Listen Whatever Is Not From Faith Is Sin Read Read
01/26/14 Beyond A Reasonable Faith - - The God Experience Read Listen Listen Hypocrites? Or Hospital Patients? Read Read
01/19/14 Beyond A Reasonable Faith - - God At Our Center Read Listen Listen Sufficient Faith To Fully Forgive Read
01/12/14 Beyond A Reasonable Faith - - Seeking Our Highest Good Read Listen Listen The Only Comparison That Matters Read
01/05/14 Dumb Ways To Die -- The Foolish Thief - Dying Without Jesus Read Listen Listen Start Strong - Finish Strong Read