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Southside Archives: 2017
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12/31/17 On Making Godly Plans Read Listen At the Beginning of All Things
12/24/17 Plans for the Word of God Read Listen Read
12/17/17 Working Out our Salvation Plans for a New Year Read Listen Listen Preparing for a New Year Read
12/10/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 148a> Read Listen Listen Are we Living as a Kingdom? as Priests? Read
12/03/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 138 Read Listen Listen How Deep is your Trust Read
11/26/17 Motivatedto Faithfully Serve Read Listen Listen No more Trash passing, Please Read
11/19/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 132 Read Listen Listen To Him be the Dominion Forever and Ever
11/12/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 129 Read Listen Listen Why does God do What He does? Read
11/05/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 128 Read Listen Listen When God Fights for the Righteous Read
10/29/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 127 Read Listen What is the Real Meaning of Life? Read
10/22/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 124 Read Listen Listen Follow the Son all Day every Day Read
10/15/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 121 Read Listen Listen Start where you are: Climb Heavenward
10/08/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 120 Read Listen Listen Does Prayer really change God's mind? Read
10/01/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 119.57 Read Listen Listen How Much Wealth Have You Stored? Read
09/24/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 119.3 Read Listen Listen Can We In Fact Change God's Mind? Read
09/17/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 119.2 Read Listen Robert Jackson What is God Worth to You? Read
09/10/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 119.1 Read Listen Listen What's in Your Hrart? Read
09/03/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 112 Read Listen Listen Forced Purging Read
08/27/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 111 Read Listen Amen, Amen! Read
08/20/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 110 Read Listen Robert Jackson MaintainYour Joyful Heart Read
08/13/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 103 Read Listen Listen Just How Bad is Pride? Read
08/06/17 Listen You Can't Get Something For Nothing
07/30/17 50th Anniversary-Celebrating an Ebenezer Moment Read Listen Don't get Confused by Religious Hacks
07/23/17 Listen Counting the Cost of Following Jesus
07/16/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 91 Read Listen Listen Faith that Endures the Storm
07/09/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 85 Read Listen Listen Wisdom vs Folly
07/02/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 84 Read Listen Listen Kindness and Severity
06/25/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 82 Read Listen Listen Always Be Ready To Work
06/18/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 81:11-16 Read Listen Listen The Potentially Deadly Outcome of Dishonesty
06/11/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 73 Read Listen Listen Oh Won't You Be My Neighbor?
06/04/17 Why we need to get. . . back to the Bible Read Listen Listen When God Tips over our Vessels
05/28/17 Robert Jackson Rodney Cooper Growing in our Salvation
05/21/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 72 Read Listen Listen Tears in a Bottle
05/14/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 70 Read Listen Listen "In", "By", and "As" In Christianity Read
05/07/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 51 Read Listen Listen A Red Heifer, Hyssop, and Purification
04/30/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 49 Read Listen Let Your "Yea" be "Yea" and Don't "Yea-Nay" Anyone Read Read
04/23/17 Wisdom From God - Psalm 46 Read Listen Kirk Eason God Will Always Do What's Right
04/16/17 Problem Solving Basics Read Read
04/09/17 Pleasing all Men Without being Men Pleasers Read
04/02/17 Finger Pointing and Social Judging Read Read
03/26/17 Knowledge Makes Arrogant but Loves Edifies Read
03/19/17 Turned Over to Satan for Destruction of the Flesh
03/12/17 A Cause of Spiritual Immaturity Read
03/05/17 Wisdom From God - Who May Abide? Read Listen Listen Beyond The Poster and The Misleading Memo Read Read
02/26/17 Wisdom From God - Who's The Fool? Read Listen Listen The Reformation of a Cheater Read
02/19/17 Wisdom From God - How Majestic! Read Listen Listen May The Lord......... Read Read
02/12/17 Wisdom From God - The Begotten Son Read Listen Listen The Source of Living Water Read
02/05/17 Wisdom From God - Good or Bad? Read Listen Listen What We Always Need Is Encouragement Read Read
01/29/17 Always The Servant - Two Parables For A Potluck Sunday Read Listen Reviving That One Important Resolution Read
01/22/17 Establishing A Christian World View - Genetic Research Read Listen Listen Relieve That Stress Read Read
01/15/17 Listen At Just The Right Time Read
01/08/17 Establishing A Christian World View - Capital Punishment Read Listen Listen How Blessed Would You Like To Be? Read
01/01/17 Spend the Year in God's Word Read Listen Listen Get Into The Word!