Southside Church of Christ
1505 Trimmier Road • Killeen, TX 76541 • (254)
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Welcome to Southside Church of Christ!

Southside Church of Christ is a New Testament fellowship serving Jesus as Lord. We are seeking to share His grace in our community and around the world. We are close to Fort Hood and have a high percentage of military members. We also have many retired military members. It is our ambition to rekindle the fire of faith in those who attend here. We desire to reflect upon the love and will of God for our lives. We cherish relationships in Christ in a family that many say is more loving than their own families. We welcome you with hearts made glad through Jesus Christ!

Perhaps you’ve come to this page looking for a new church home. We know it can be intimidating to visit a new church. When you don’t know what to expect and may not know anyone, it can be difficult deciding where to search for a new church home. We hope the information provided here will help you learn a bit more about us at Southside Church of Christ, so if you visit you will know more what to expect.

Service Style:

At Southside, we strive to offer worship to God that is heartfelt, enthusiastic and uplifting. We believe God is the audience of our worship services and our worship is directed to Him. During a worship service we will offer up prayers to God and will sing songs of praise. We do not use musical instruments in our assemblies, because we believe in offering to God the music of our lips and hearts only.

Each Sunday, all of our baptized members share in the Lord’s Supper, commemorating the death and resurrection of our Lord until He comes again. In this sacred event, we share in the flesh and blood of our Lord and remember our salvation and the price He paid to purchase us from our sins. The Lord’s Supper, or communion, is a central event in our meeting together each week.

We also have a message preached from God’s word each worship service. We believe the word is an important part of each of our assemblies. Our preachers strive to make each message challenging and uplifting and true to the word of God.

The average service will last about an hour and fifteen minutes on Sunday mornings, an hour for other meeting times, though occasionally a service will last a bit longer. We do not have special services for Easter or Christmas. Neither of these are commanded observances in the Bible. We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus every Sunday and believe that we are each to worship in public assembly each Lord’s Day and not only on additional holidays.

In addition to worship times we have Bible classes for all ages, fellowship opportunities and other prayer times according to needs and opportunities. We hope this information has been helpful to you and that you will visit Southside and give us an opportunity to meet you and worship the Lord with you.

Our Organization:

Southside is a non-denominational fellowship of Christians. We believe that Jesus never intended for His body to be divided by human reasoning. We strive, therefore, to revive unity amongst those who profess the name of Jesus based solely upon the Bible and without creeds or other denominational statements.

We are not organized like the denominational churches. Our congregation is completely autonomous and independent of any other congregation in terms of practice and doctrine. Our head is Jesus Christ and all authority belongs to Him.


Our congregation is overseen by a group of elders, who are sometimes called bishops and pastors. As such, the preacher is not the pastor, since we understand the New Testament to equate pastors with elders. We are additionally served by at least one preacher or evangelist who administers the word of God. We then have deacons who administer to physical needs concerning the congregation.

What is the church?

We believe the word “church” does not describe a building, but rather special people who have surrendered their lives to Christ. For that reason we are very people oriented. Our desire is for each person here to grow and mature in their relationship with God through Christ.

We are a church made up of widely diverse people: people of different races, ages, backgrounds and occupations. We have a large number of military personnel from neighboring Fort Hood. Our desire is for everyone to feel welcome when they visit our family. We do many things together as a family. We often eat together, play together, work together and worship together. We take to heart God’s designation of Christians as His children. We believe ourselves to be brothers and sisters in Christ.

The Bible is our only guide in worship and lifestyle matters. We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and that it tells us how to behave and conduct our lives individually and as the church. We believe that by returning to the Bible we will find the only way to eliminate manmade creeds and traditions, and restore the church Jesus died to establish. Restoration is a key concept in our fellowship. Our prayer is that we grow closer to Jesus and follow His example more closely each day.


We are concerned with local evangelism and world missions. Presently Southside is involved in helping to support two missionaries in other countries and another foreign mission work. We also help support various children’s homes and help organizations.

We accept the great commission of our Lord, found in Matthew 28:19-20, to “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you….”

How Do I Become A Member?

If you are moving into our area from another church of Christ and are have been baptized for the remission of your sins, then all you need to do is let us know of your desire to labor with us here at Southside. We offer an invitation time during our worship service for making needs known. You can announce your desire to place membership with this congregation at that time, or simply inform one of the elders or ministers.

If you are new to the churches of Christ we would love to meet with you to learn more about you and your background in Christ. By searching the Bible we can discover with you where you are in God’s plan of salvation and what will be necessary for you to be added to His church. Only God can add people to the Lord’s church.

At Southside, we are open and accepting and welcome all newcomers to our family. However, we expect everyone who becomes a part of the Lord’s family to grow and mature to reflect Christ and to learn holy behavior before God. Put simply, you are welcome to come as you are, but you’re not encouraged to stay that way.